Your New Years Resolution

Published: 10th February 2012
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It's that time of year again. As the new year is rising on the horizon, we are all thinking how we might do things a little different next year. Maybe this year you will pen a book you have been talking about. Or this year you're renovating your kitchen and bath? We all start the year with lots of resolutions to make the next year even better.

What is the number one resolution most people make? Is it reading more books, studying your Bible daily, playing more video games?

One of the most popular New Years Resolution is to shed the extra flab. Burn off that fat that has collected around your waist or hips. How many actually manage to keep their resolutions? Very few.

If you are planning on loosing weight, what is your plan?

Many people start a diet with the first 3 letters of the word, diet. They slowly die from starvation. Stop eating everything for some time. I actually starved myself 7 days straight without eating a single bite. Did I loose weight, yes. Did I keep it off, no. I did not learn to eat right, I just quit eating. Once I started eating again, I would once again eat like I use to. Smaller portions to start, but gradually the old habits always return. I didn't learn anything about how to loose weight.

What can you do different than starvation? Maybe we need to alter that word diet. Having the first three letters of the word spell die isn't very encouraging. We instead need to stress on lifestyle changes. Burn fat, burn off calories, fight the bulge do anything but dieting. I don't want to die.

Are you following a plan? Are you relying on pills to enable you to loose weight? Are you following a fat burning program you saw in an advertisement? You are going to see many other ways to burn fat in the coming months. Many more programs will be advertised. The market is ripe.

Many of these programs will help you. They will even teach you how to keep the weight off, look at your food from a new perspective. Some people may go overboard, starving themselves to death as I did. Eventually they do learn that starvation isn't the best way.

To start with, you need to know the dietary items that help you to gain weight. Do you have a hard time pushing yourself away from the dinner table? Do you eat bread, potatoes and a starchy vegetable with your dinner most of the time? Are deserts late at night your downfall?

I heard the other day that if you want to eat carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, crackers and deserts, it is best to eat them before 3pm. Later than that, you may not be able to burn down the excessive fat. You tend to relax and watch more television. A person is just over all less active in the evening. What is your biggest meal of the day? Dinner or supper as some call it. What time of day do we eat it? Most of us eat it after 5pm. Dinner is usually full of carbohydrates. This makes dinner so much harder to burn off.

Exercise is very important. You should not do it too late in the day. Exercising then going to bed an hour or so later can cause sleeping problems. Exercise is quite similar to drinking a cup of coffee. It is very motivating. Sleeping after wards is a very uncommon trait.

Remember, after you loose the weight, you need to continue burning fat daily if you want to keep the weight off. In order to get most out of these weight loss programs, you may need to make some changes in your lifestyle.

Keep that New Years Resolution this year. Make that your newest resolution. You will be happier and healthier in the long run.

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